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Learn The Truth About Real Estate Industry

Peace of mind through reliable rental conditions

Quality, speed, an extensive scope of services and security provided by the worlds largest real estate network. With VOSS SL you choose the right way no matter if you are looking to buy your first home, a new home for you and your family, a holiday residence or are looking for an investment. More than 10.000 customers place their trust in us each year. Become one of them and let our VOSS SL professionals guide you through the process of rent a new home.

As the owner, you are surely able to search for a tenant by yourself, e.g. through real estate sites on the internet or through the newspaper. But can you also reliably determine the attainable rent amount, create a powerful expose, and prepare a legally sound rental agreement? Possibly you simply want to avoid the effort of having to coordinate dozens of emails, phone calls and appointments, and rather apply your time to pursue more pleasant activities.

Utilize the support of your VOSS SL real estate agent for your next rental project, and effectively save time and money. We will competently and reliably manage your next tenant change: upon request, from the acceptance of the apartment from the previous tenant, all the way up to the handover to the new one.


The three greatest advantages when renting with VOSS SL:

  1. Enjoy an extensive selection of properties with the international VOSS SL network
  2. Our system, with more than 100 agents, is an active network in which all agents collaborate and share their properties. This is a clear advantage for our customers as they receive a wide selection of suitable properties available to rent.

  3. Save time with the professional guidance of VOSS SL agents
  4. While VOSS SL guarantees a comprehensive range of properties, we do not overwhelm our customers with information. Instead, VOSS SL agents conduct a bespoke selection of those properties that meet the customer's needs. Services naturally include complete information provided in good time and on a regular basis, accompanied viewings at times to suit you and the owner of the property, regular updates when new properties become available.

  5. Benefit from the experience and excellence of VOSS SL
  6. In more than 17 years, we at VOSS SL have perfected our real estate services and continue to pass on our consolidated pool of knowledge to our agents. All VOSS SL agents undergo various training courses on a regular basis and are continuously supported by the network in order to offer the highest quality of real estate services. This is how we ensure that our agents know best how to satisfy client needs as THE local expert in their respective markets.

Our service package includes the following services:

  •  A current market analysis of your real estate
  •  Joint definition of your preferred tenant
  •  Matching with all search requests within the entire VOSS SL network
  •  Creation and preparation of appealing photos
  •  Examination and preparation of professional floor plans
  •  Creation of a legally-compliant energy certificate in cooperation with professional partners
  •  Rental agreement preparation according to current contract templates
  •  Upon request, recommendation of an insurance against loss of rent and rental damages
  •  Regular reports on the current status of the activities
  •  Continuous follow-up support

You can avoid many of the mistakes that other landlords make, command a higher price for your home, rent it faster and have a more enjoyable experience in the process simply by working with a VOSS SL agent.